The Overview

World Afro Day Film Competition is a national film competition, delivered through a World Afro Day Lesson Plan for young people ages 10-21.

World Afro Day (WAD) is releasing free lesson plans and inviting schools, colleges, universities, all education and youth organisations to download the lessons through its website During the lesson, young people aged 10-21, can also make films that promote change, education and celebration of Afro-textured hair. Adults (18-21) can enter their films for themselves.  Parents, teachers/guardians can enter on behalf of under 18s, through the website.

The Prizes

There are two prizes on offer

1) Age category winner receives an award at the World Afro Day Award Ceremony, 15 September 2018

2) Overall prize is provided by Good Morning Britain(GMB). The overall winning group, will be picked to be part of a studio experience and in the GMB studio during October, Black History Month.

Entry dates Friday 6am June 29
Closing date Friday midday July 27th

  • Friday June 29 various media coverage will launch the lessons to the public.
  • This competition is open to children ages between 10-21 in the following age categories 10-13, 14-17, 18-21. They must be the correct age for the category at the competition start date June 29th. All applicants and participants must be resident in the UK. Over 18s can apply themselves but under 18s will need an adult guardian, parent, teacher (DBS Checked Educational/Youth Supervisor role) to enter them into the competition with parental permission.
  • Entrants applying on behalf of Under 18s, must have written parental permission, which is needed to enter the competition and entrants must confirm that they have this permission but evidence will not need to be supplied until the Top 21 stage.
  • They can enter the competition, through downloading the World Afro Day Lesson Plan and then submitting a film directly though the World Afro Day Website. The competition portal, storage and voting is provided by third party provider Crowdspark.
  • The entries will be viewed at the first stage by WAD Directors, volunteers and judges. Entries will be narrowed down to the Top 21 entries. 2nd stage Judges will meet to decide out of the top 21, the top three in each age category. This equates to 9 films overall, including the winner for each category.
  • The winners are announced live on World Afro Day 15 September 2018.



  • Create a one minute (maximum) film that celebrates Afro/textured hair.
  • The group can be made up of 1-5 people of all ethnic backgrounds but the focus of the message/story needs to be about Afro-textured or mixed hair of African descent.
  • Use the words ‘Discover Your Power.” DO NOT include or make references to any real products in the film.
  • Formats of filming can be done on most recording equipment available to them - phone, tablet or camera. A full list is here. 
  • All filming and production must have no involvement from industry professionals – although school staff can assist with filming and production.
    All characters appearing in the films must be fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, should be purely coincidental.
  • Upon completion of their film, they should upload it onto the World Afro Day website and complete the online form with all requested information.
  • Music choice - entrants must pick free production music from the following listed websites only:
    Include name of track, the artist and source website details.



  • The films will be judged on the following criteria. Which films most closely match the (WAD) aims of promoting change, education and celebration of Afro hair. Plus, did the film use the words “Discover Your Power.” How well did they incorporate these words into their film and how compelling was the overall message?
  • An overall winning film will be picked based on which film, the judges feel would be most successful at creating change, education and celebration of Afro hair in society. Plus, which film would they would most like to hear the story of how it was made and how the idea came about?

The story behind the story

  • The WAD Directors, volunteers and judges will be viewing and judging entries while they are being submitted until a week after the closing date 3 August.
  • The entrants must be available for a research chat between the dates June 29 and Friday August 3rd. The entrants must be available to attend the WAD ceremony on 15 September 2018.
  • Judging Day August 4th, the panel of Judges will include a minimum of six of the following people: Michelle De Leon, Denese Chikwendu, Yvonne Ottley, Nene Parsotam, Trevor Robinson, Tim Campbell, Michelle Mattherson, Eryca Freemantle, Anastasia Chikezie, Naomi Grant, Estelle Morris (12 years old).
  • Independent witness Kathryn Desouza will be present on Judging day.
  • W/C August 6th the 9 nominee groups, including winners are contacted and invited to attend the World Afro Day Award Ceremony. They are to be available for press/publicity interviews on and before the ceremony 15 September. Their transportation is paid for by WAD or sponsors.
  • Stage 3 Winners are announced at the World Afro Day Award ceremony 15. They must agree to press photos/interviews to publicise the awards on the day. Plus, the GMB Winner is also announced on the day.
  • Stage 4 GMB Winners (up to 5 entrants and two adult chaperones) are invited to attend the GMB studios in on a date before 31st December 2018. GMB will provide reasonable travel at their discretion and accommodation if required.


  • Observing GMB transmitting live between 07:30-08:30
  • GMB studio Tour
  • GMB Office visit
  • Q&A GMB Management
  • Lunch and refreshment
  • Afternoon TV Studio experience
  • GMB goody bags will be provided to the 5 winners.
  • The winners’ studio experience will appear on the WAD website or social channels, plus all media/digital rights worldwide. Plus exerts be made available for press/publicity and any other media platforms worldwide, agreed by WAD Directors.