The Vision

A pioneering event

World Afro Day (WAD) promotes education and appreciation for the unique position of afro hair, throughout the world.

The first event was endorsed by the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

WAD aims

1. Create first World Record to celebrate and educate people about Afro Hair
2. Annual events uniting people globally around Afro Hair
3. Raising Afro hair to World Class status through awareness and academic excellence
4. Worldwide Educational Network from nursery to adulthood
5. Working with people from all backgrounds, who share our vision for change, education and celebration of Afro Hair

Against the Odds

Bias against afro hair in society can create exclusion, shame and and feelings of inferiority. This has also created a long-lasting economic impact and a pressure, especially on Black women, to conform to societal norms.

Straight European and Asian hair types are promoted everyday, through fairytales, films, television, social media, consumer products and advertising etc,. 

On 15th September 2016, a U.S. federal court, ruled it was legal to ban dreadlocks in the workplace!  This is a barrier not faced by any other hair type or group.  Afro-hair is rarely celebrated, especially globally. World Afro Day is an event designed and curated, to address this disparity.


The Story

One day, my seven year old daughter, began to sing about her hair! She loved it and she loved herself. I wanted every Black girl to feel the same and I knew that most didn't. From that moment on there was no going back! 

I didn't want children to struggle anymore with thoughts of inferiority and insecurity about their hair. I wanted them to experience the beauty and value of their hair, from the very beginning, not later on in life, like me and like so many other Black women have done.

All those negative thoughts, words and experiences, that have been associated globally with afro/textured hair . I thought, how can this be turned around into a positive shared reality, like how other people feel about their hair? That's when I got the idea of a World Afro Day: to celebrate, encourage and value our hair internationally. A bit like a giant afro birthday party! 

We want a world, that values and appreciates our natural hair and beauty. A world with no barriers to success, based on our original identity but we need your help to do it! 

- Michelle DeLeon, Founder of World Afro Day







the movement

Afro hair has been overlooked, undervalued and excluded for centuries but we can all help to change that by celebrating afro hair together.

WAD is committed to a lasting legacy, driven through educational strategy. A lesson plan, global initiatives and innovative events. 


On 15 September 2017, in London's Westminster, We conducted the RecordSetter World record, for the "Largest Hair Education Lesson", where more than 300 children and young people were educated about their hair through the themes of science, self-esteem, society and with activities designed to inspire and empower. 


We believe that this will encourage people to understand the uniqueness of afro hair and ultimately help the world to appreciate difference as a positive characteristic and not a negative one. Ultimately, World Afro Day encourages children from all backgrounds to appreciate the wonder of hair and feel empowered.