World Afro Day for Schools

More than 8000 school children from across the world will be joining together in a celebration of hair, identity and equality. The event aims to change negative attitudes towards Afro hair into a positive force for inclusion to launch World Afro Day Schools.


Seven years old UK child hair influencer, Farouk James will be joined by 11 years old Child Influencer Celai West (USA) and 10 years old Angel Noor (Netherlands) for a child takeover of the natural hair movement. 

Programme for the Afternoon: Times in BST

Don’t Touch My Hair, Author Emma Dabiri and TV Presenter Scarlette Douglas - host the assembly

1:25 pm Welcome London Mayor's Office by Assistant Director for Communities and Social Policy, Jeanette Bain-Burnett 

1:30 Opening Dance – Angel & Friends ( Afro beats)

Hosts - International Hellos

Founder Michelle De Leon introduction

Why World Afro Day Schools (global child cases) 

Power of Words – Changing the language audience interaction

Celai and Farouk catwalk onto stage.

Hair & Identity Panel - Child Champions Celai West & Farouk James plus mums 

International questions

Closing Dance Performance - Angel Noor and Friends 

Thank you and Future - Founder Michelle De Leon

Dur: 45 mins approx

Ends 2:15pm

4pm - Live Founder Welcome for Schools in America, Canada, Caribbean and South America.