“Going Further Together”

Your support makes all the difference, here is how your donations can help World Afro Legacy:

Regular giving helps us to plan better 

Your impact on children

We know our work can have an immediate impact on the aspirations and mental health of children with Afro hair. This can also create empathy and support from others around them.

The Little and Big Hair Assemblies will transfer over from World Afro Day to World Afro Legacy.

Your impact on adults

The newly launched Afro Inclusion Update is a free tool to help people have essential conversations and take action around Afro hair inclusion. The update has limitless potential and is simple to use and share with your colleagues, Senior Leaders or CEO.

We aim to fund new research, which will help boost the effectiveness of the update as well as inform campaigns aimed at the public, workplace and policy makers. A previous Ogilvy advertising campaign on billboards and social media for World Afro Day 2018 reached millions. World Afro Legacy will commission future awareness campaigns to help eliminate hair discrimination.

Donate to World Afro Legacy

Whether this is your first donation or you become a regular giver. We appreciate you becoming a part of the movement to end Afro hair discrimination. Your gifts will help children and adults overcome anxiety and pressure to conform to straight hair norms. The aim is that no one will be punished at school or denied opportunity at work simply because of their natural hair. We intend to change the unfair bias that straight hair is deemed as professional and Afro hair is deemed as unprofessional.

Why World Afro Legacy?

We aim to overcome the pervasive and damaging effects of hair discrimination, affecting generations of people of African descent. The majority of people without Afro hair don’t recognise this form of discrimination yet. Even though, Afro hair discrimination is centuries old; we are the first global charity to address this. We hope that with your help, our collective effort will eradicate hair discrimination from our schools and workplaces. We can create a new legacy of liberation and inclusion for everyone with Afro textured hair.

Wonderful Kyla-Rose’s story

So many little girls dream of being princesses but for many black and brown girls the comparison to princess characters can become a nightmare. Kyla-Rose’s dark days started with an obsession with Elsa from Frozen. When Kyla-Rose looked in the mirror, her coily little Afro just wouldn’t grow to look like Elsa…So at just three years old she began to hate her hair and pull it out in pieces and hide it around her room.


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