Bee Bakare and Sharlene Monique perform at World Afro Day
Bee Bakare
The beautiful Bee Bakare and talented singer Sharlene Monique supported World Afro Day with live performances of their new music. 

Bee, a Nigeria-born British soul singer-songwriter gave a charismatic live performance on stage at Church house in the heart of Westminster.  Recently described as a cross between Tracy Chapman and Adele is known for her deeply-rich warm tone, big voice and smile. With her latest EP ‘Brighter’ now available, the songs performed on the night gave the audience a first listen to the her new music.

Sharlene Monique, a talented song-writer as well as gifted singer, performed ‘You’re Beautiful’ a song that encourages self-love and self-esteem – an apt message that supports the vision of World Afro Day.

Sharlene Monique

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