Afro Hair and Professionalism
On Wednesday, natural hair enthusiast Temi and Jorja, joined World Afro Day founder Michelle De Leon to do an interview
Girl Boss
World Afro Day sits down with the singer Bee Bakare to ask five quick questions about her experience as a black woman within the music industry.
My Destiny
“…coming from such a rich culture and heritage is something to embrace and revel in…”
Big Chop Countdown
I had been considering the “big chop” for nearly a year before I actually did it. It took me an entire year to build up the courage.
WAD NEWS – Law & Locks
The legalisation of discrimination against people with dreadlocks seeking employment is to be challenged in the USA’s highest court.
World Afro Day’s First Comedian?
Canadian comedian Aisha talks about how she challenged the view in her industry that Afro hair was unprofessional.
World Afro Day 2017 Highlights
If you missed last year’s inaugural event, then you can watch the highlights here
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