Micaela, Top Ten Model Winner is reporter for Sky Kids News!
16 years old Micaela, A top Ten Model winner was chosen by Sky Kids news…
History Day for Afro Hair Equality!
Major history today for Afro hair!
2019 Vogue Feature
Founder of World Afro Day, Michelle De Leon sits down with Vogue…
2019 Network Magazine Feature
Founder of World Afro Day, Michelle De Leon, sits down with Network magazine to…
2019 BBC News Feature
World Afro Day: Kids’ takeover for Big Hair Assembly.
Eunice Olumide Calls for Hair Education within schools
Celai West and Eunice Olumide MBE join Lorraine in the studio, in celebration of World Afro Day.
World Afro Day: a day of ‘change, education and celebration’
The annual day celebrates afro hair in society, and to honour the occasion a special awards ceremony was held in Westminster to recognise afro icons.
Schoolboy ‘didn’t want to be black anymore’
A schoolboy from Tipton told his mum he ‘didn’t want to be black anymore’ after he was sent home from school for ‘too short’ hair, says mum
2019 The Voice Feature
Founder of world afro day Michelle De Leon sits down with the voice to share her inspiration for world afro day.
2019 Black Beauty & Hair Magazine Feature
Michelle De Leon sits down with the black beauty & hair magazine
First World Afro Day lesson launches in schools
Michelle De Leon discusses how the lessons aim to change the way children view themselves and others.
WAD NEWS – Law & Locks
The legalisation of discrimination against people with dreadlocks seeking employment is to be challenged in the USA’s highest court.
Grazia’s Lupita Nyong’o cover highlights hair bias in the media
Michelle De Leon shared her thoughts on channel 4 news regarding the recent row over Grazia magazine’s Lupita Nyong’o cover.
At last, an ad that makes my family feel good to be black and British. Thanks Ikea
Michelle De Leon recently wrote a feature for the Guardian sharing her views on the latest Ikea advert.
Watch World Afro Day Supporter Lekia Lee’s interview on Good Morning Britain
World Afro Day supporter shares Why Do Black Women Feel Like They Can’t Wear Their Hair Naturally on TV.
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